37, design director, architecture firm Francis Cauffman, Philadelphia

Interview by Arianne Cohen


What do you do?

In architectural design, there’s creation, development, and execution. I’m part of creation. Our clients come to us with a vision, and I give them imagery and then work with them to make that come to life.

What are you working on today?

We’re finishing a project in Camden, N.J., the Cooper Cancer Institute. It’s exciting to see the final physical outcome.

How does your wardrobe play in the office?

I’ve been at the firm for almost 15 years, so I grew up here, and they’ve always known that I have a different sense of style. I like to provoke. It’s not necessarily what you wear, but the way you carry yourself.

How do you carry yourself?

I hope to communicate a sense of style and a sense of womanhood.

Your makeup is bold.

It’s from growing up in Poland in the 1980s. My mom would play around with different colors and shadows, bringing out different parts of her face. Women do this in Eastern Europe — it doesn’t matter if they’re grocery shopping or going to work. They like to dress up and look feminine.

Do you dress up daily?

Yes, even on weekends.

What’s your strategy when dressing for work?

I go for it. It’s a feeling I have, not something I think about — the thinking happens at the store.

Do you have a look?

I don’t have a Monday-to-Friday look. I like to play with vibrance and color, and I collect different clothing. But I don’t have a closet.

You don’t have a closet?

I actually got rid of all our closets because they felt too small and I had to dig into them for clothing. So I have two clothing racks that are 10 feet each. That way, I see all the colors.


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