32, game operations manager, Golden State Warriors, Oakland, Calif.

Interview by Arianne Cohen


What do you do during games?

I’m the stage manager: I’m communicating with 50 people to execute the entertainment — the control room, our DJ, our spotlight operators, my director.

What do you do in the off-season?

We audition entertainment groups. That’s my least favorite part. I don’t like telling people they didn’t make it.

How tall are you?

6-foot-6. Tall fashion is my passion. I like to wear tall pieces, and I like to support tall retailers — there’s not a lot out there for us.

What happens when you go to mainstream stores?

The blazers are gonna probably be about 4 inches too short, and it’ll be like a cropped blazer on me.

How tall are those heels?

4.5 inches. So I’m about 6-foot-10. People ask me, why are you wearing those? And it’s like, why not? I like cute shoes. Why should I deny myself a great pair of heels just because I’m tall?

Should tall women wear heels?

Oh, absolutely. You might have a bad clothing day — you’re bloated or something’s not fitting right — but your heels are always gonna fit and make you feel fierce.

Do you tower over your boss?

Thankfully, I have a confident boss. He doesn’t care. Everyone I work for happens to respect that I’m tall. And people who don’t, I don’t really have time for.

How do you describe your style?

I don’t like to put parameters on it. One day I might put on something classic, and the next day go more edgy. I always like to throw in a special touch to make the outfit pop.

What’s this outfit’s special touch?

I love the necklace. I always like to wear statement jewelry. I stick to one piece and let it talk.

Where’d you get it?

Bauble Bar, one of my favorite places to shop for jewelry, period. The price points are low, and I just love the packaging. I know that shouldn’t matter, but it does.

Did you play ball?

Yeah, for 10 years. I’ll still shoot around, but I had two knee surgeries.


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