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Caroline Winter

JPEG compression

Form and function

An image compression technology that radically reduces the file size of photographs (and soon videos) without sacrificing quality perceptible to the human eye.

Innovators Sharon Carmel and Dror Gill

Ages 42 and 46

Founder/CEO and CTO of Beamr, a Tel Aviv-based media technology company

“We take an image, make it five times smaller, but always guarantee that the JPEGmini image looks exactly like the original.”

Dror Gill

1. When you drag and drop a photo onto the JPEGmini app, it decodes the image, then assesses the quality at different compression levels.

2. The app scales up the image until its imperfections are too minor for the eye to detect. Certain parts of photos, such as blurry backgrounds, can sustain more compression.

Size The file for this full-size image, processed through JPEGmini, is 50 percent smaller than the original, yet there’s no detectable difference.

Compare JPEGmini doesn’t leave images with the kind of blurring, strange coloring, or other distortions produced by the standard JPEG compression seen in this sample.

Dev Time Beamr spent three years working on algorithms that can quantify the visible limits of errors, says Gill.

Survey Tests performed according to international standards found that 25 people with 20/20 vision couldn’t differentiate between original images and those compressed using JPEGmini.

Cost Beamr charges individual users $19.99 for the JPEGmini desktop app. Companies pay a $19 monthly fee, plus extra charges based on usage.

Next Steps

Founder Carmel kicked in some of the $3.3 million Beamr has raised. Clients include imaging production company Industrial Color, which works with Showtime, Victoria’s Secret, and others. “We’re using it to save space and deliver images to our customers faster,” says Mathieu Champigny, vice president of sales. He says clients use high-res images for print. Gill says Beamr’s video service is being vetted by movie studios.


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