Fixes for your warm-weather fashion and beauty problems, so you can stay professional-looking all day long


See-through shirts

SOLUTION: Wear a Cosabella Cami Talco Basic under your sheer shirts. It’s expensive, but supercomfortable, and has just the right amount of stretch. If you remember to hand wash, it’ll last through next summer. $70;


SOLUTION: M.A.C. Face and Body Foundation covers up any embarrassing redness and won’t rub off on your clothes. $33;

Falling bra straps

SOLUTION: Strap Trap racerback bra clips fasten your bra straps together, midback, ensuring that they won’t slip out of your sleeveless tops. $8.95;

Frizzy hair

SOLUTION: Smooth on some Umberto Roman Oil Serum before you head out the door — just a few drops and your hair will remain frizz-free all day. $12.99;

Sweat stains

SOLUTION: Cut up a very thin panty liner and stick it to the inside of your shirt. It’s weird, but it works! Always Incredibly Thin, $10.94;

Bloody feet

SOLUTION: Use moleskin to prevent chafing. Dr. Scholl’s has a reliable, cheap version. $3.50; Too late? Put on a limited-edition Cynthia Rowley-designed Band-Aid. $11;

Melting makeup

SOLUTION: Apply primer — it will keep your face matte and help set your look. Makeup Forever HD Microperfecting Primer comes in seven different complexion-correcting shades. $34;

Visible panty line

SOLUTION: Always wear a nude thong with white pants. There are tons available, but the Commando Cotton Thong is invisible and won’t ride up into you-know-where. $24;


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