The Ageless Generation

By Alex Zhavoronkov

Zhavoronkov, director of the Biogerontology Research Foundation, says he can fix Social Security and Medicare by using technology to extend the healthy, productive part of people’s lifespan so they can stay in the workforce longer.


Worthless, Impossible, and Stupid

By Daniel Isenberg

Isenberg defines entrepreneurial success as seeing value when the marketplace doesn’t. Well, duh — but the book does have some worthwhile anecdotes, including the story of Khalid Awan, co-founder of Pakistan shipping company TCS.


The Rise of the Naked Economy

By Ryan Coonerty and Jeremy Neuner

A shamelessly self-serving and painfully upbeat 221-page brochure for the authors’ shared workplace company, NextSpace, charting the trend of workers forgoing traditional office spaces.


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