25, blogger, Free People, Philadelphia

Interview by Arianne Cohen


What’s your style?

It’s always layered, laced, often crocheted, feminine, flowered, and light-colored.

Do you dress around your hair?

Absolutely. I dress with an earthy, pale color palette, because bright colors clash with my hair.

What do you do?

I write for our company blog about all aspects of the Free People lifestyle — fashion, music, décor, food. I go places and document things and then write about it.

How much jewelry do you normally wear?

I just put on whatever. I usually put on all the rings that I own. And I lose stuff all the time, so then I throw on a couple more.

Cool gig. How did you get it?

After some random internships, I realized that I should figure out who I wanted to work for. So I made a video about how much I wanted to work for Free People, I tweeted it to them, and now I’m here.

How do you pick your outfits?

It’s a laid-back office, so I dress however I’m feeling that day. I wear the same thing to work and then out.

Is that a slip?

Yes. We sell a lot of slips here and often style them as dresses. They’re sheer, so you can layer them.

Tights or stockings?

I’m definitely a thigh-highs person. Whenever I can wear them, I do. My legs are pretty much always shown.


It adds to the layering aspect. When you have thigh-highs, you can see a little bit of leg, then the dress, and it adds another dimension to the outfit.

Those are great boots.

When I fall in love with something, I don’t care if it fits. These are two sizes too big. I just put some insoles in them.


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