Balance: A Story of Faith, Family, and Life on the Line

By Nik Wallenda with David Ritz (FaithWords), $22

Embrace your inner clown

“The audience marvels at the daring of a trapeze artist,” writes the man who just crossed the Grand Canyon. “But it is the clown with whom they identify.”

Never stop practicing

“I am aware of the endless need to hustle up work,” Wallenda says. “At the same time, I improve my skills on the wire. Every day I improve.”

Keep surprising customers

“The road to financial freedom has lots of potholes,” he notes. “What’s hot news today is ancient history tomorrow. If a brand is to live, it must undergo continual reinvention.”

Politics is personal

The National Parks of Canada denied Wallenda’s 2011 attempt to cross Niagara Falls. “[Now] the member who opposed us most vehemently is no longer on the board.”


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