Monumental Achievements of Mansudae


Fairy Tale Fountain, Germany

Frankfurt in 2005 hired Mansudae Art Studio to recreate an ornate fountain destroyed during World War II. Total cost: €200,000

The Great and Dear Leaders on Horseback

Mansudae has earned millions exporting its statue and monument building expertise around the world

Kim Il Sung Statue

The art factory has created several statues of African leaders that look suspiciously similar to this 66-foot-tall North Korean shrine

Monument to the Founding of the Korean Workers Party

This 164-foot-tall monolith depicts the hands of a worker, a farmer, and an intellectual clutching a hammer, a sickle, and a calligraphy brush

King Béhanzin, Benin

North Korea has built glorifying statues of leaders in countries such as Benin, Botswana, Congo, and Zimbabwe, as well as museums, sports stadiums, and at least one presidential palace

Heroes Acre, Namibia

This Mansudae-built memorial covers roughly 1,800 acres and houses 174 graves. It spotlights a white obelisk and this statue of an unknown soldier

Peace Monument, Angola

This monument, commissioned in 2009 and made from copper and iron, is just under 100-feet-tall

African Renaissance Monument, Senegal

Unveiled in 2010, this monument is taller than the Statue of Liberty. The faces had to be redone because Mansudae’s sculptors originally made them look too Korean. Total cost: Upward of $25 million


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