How Booz Allen Swallowed Washington

Drake Bennett, Caroline Savello, and Robert Levinson

Because it provides the government with data services rather than fighter jets — and because so much of its work is classified — Booz Allen Hamilton doesn’t have the name recognition of government contractors like Lockheed Martin or Boeing. That changed on June 9, when a Booz employee, Edward Snowden, revealed himself as the source of leaked secret documents showing government surveillance of millions of Americans. From its origins as a management consulting firm, Booz Allen has quietly grown into a governmentwide contracting behemoth, fed by ballooning post-Sept. 11 intelligence budgets and Washington’s increasing reliance on outsourcing.

Department of Veterans Affairs

Source of Booz’s

2001 Revenue $1m

2012 Revenue $132m

Department of Homeland Security

2001 N/A

Homeland Security wasn’t created until 2003

2012 $156m

Department of the Treasury

2001 $93m

2012 $131m

Sample contracts



Total Information Processing Support Services 2

IT development, maintenance, and security

Department of Health and Human Services

2001 $33m

2012 $168m



Medicare Integrity Audit

Audit Medicare providers

38 other agencies, including the Department of Education, NASA, and the Railroad Retirement Board

2001 $181m

2012 $500m

Department of Defense

2001 $533m

2012 $3.3b



MI-17CT helicopters for Iraq

Technical support

$61.3m 2001

$804.5m 2012

Information Analysis Centers

Software and network support



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