William (Billy) Durant (1908-1910, 1916-1920)

Alfred Sloan Jr. (1923-1946)

Charles Wilson (1946-1953)

Harlow Curtice (1953-1958)

Frederic Donner (1958-1967)

James Roche (1967-1971)

Richard Gerstenberg (1972-1974)

Thomas Murphy (1974-1980)

Roger Smith (1981-1990)

Robert Stempel (1990-1992)

John (Jack) Smith Jr. (1992-2000)

G. Richard (Rick) Wagoner Jr. (2000-2009)

Frederick (Fritz) Henderson (2009)

Edward Whitacre Jr. (2009-2010)

Daniel Akerson (2010-present)


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