The latest research on how office life expands your waistline

A majority of employees consider themselves overweight

I’m overweight 55%

I’m not overweight 41%

More women than men say they’re overweight



Many go out for lunch

I eat out 53%

I don’t eat out 47%

But most eat at their desk

I eat at my desk 60%

I don’t eat at my desk 40%

Top five reasons cited for gaining weight at the office Sitting all day

Sitting all day 56%

Stress eating 35%

Eating out 26%

Office sweets 17%

Work celebrations 17%

Professions that reported the most weight gain

1. Administrative assistant 69%

2. Engineer 56%

3. Teacher 51%

4. Nurse 51%

5. IT technician 51%

As workers age, more and more report weight gain

18-24 28%

25-34 39%

35-44 43%

45-54 44%

55+ 44%

Many employees hit the gym

4 out of 10 say they exercise regularly

1 out of 10 say they never exercise

Sector that reported working out the most


Sector that reported working out the least


Most companies don’t provide health perks such as gym passes, workout facilities, and wellness benefits

Employer doesn’t provide 59%

Does provide 31%

Not sure 10%

Among workers with such benefits, only 10 percent say they take advantage of them

Pounds gained while at current employer

0 57%

1-5 7%

6-10 10%

11-15 7%

16-20 7%

21-25 4%

26-30 3%

Los Angeles and Chicago gained the most weight among the cities surveyed

Atlanta 45%

Chicago 52%

Dallas 34%

Los Angeles 51%

New York 46%

Washington 47%

Data taken from a CareerBuilder survey of about 3,700 full-time workers across the U.S., conducted online by Harris Interactive from Feb. 11 to March 6, 2013


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