48, senior loan originator, Fairway Independent Mortgage, Needham, Mass.

Interview by Arianne Cohen


What do you do?

I’m a mortgage expert. Whether folks are buying homes or refinancing, my role is to make sure people are making choices that best meet their overall goals.

Are you good at it?

I’m ranked as one of the top 1 percent of loan originators in the country, and out of Fairway, I was No. 4 of 900. And I do it with style.

What’s your accessories strategy?

My biggest accessory is what I do at 6 a.m.: a boot camp called Pulse Newport, on the beach for an hour.

What are your thoughts on loose hair at work?

I’m a strong believer in it. I was blessed with a good hair gene. I wear my hair down 60 percent to 70 percent of the time. One day might be a side pony, one day an updo, and ’70s style if it’s disco Friday.

What is disco Friday?

It’s really more of an attitude. I love dresses I rarely wear pants in the summer — and on Fridays, if I have no meetings, I can pull off a more casual sundress that might be disco-inspired.

How does your style affect your job?

If someone says, “I’d like to introduce you to my lender,” they picture someone in a dark blue suit. I want people to find me approachable and trustworthy, so I want my style to reflect my personality.

How does your look compare with your co-workers’?

It’s probably a little bit more colorful. I tend to style many women in my office, just because I have an eye for what goes together.

Who was the last person you styled?

My assistant, Lilian, who doesn’t take time for herself. As a bonus for her hard work, I recently took her on a T.J. Maxx shopping trip and bought all the stuff she would never pick out.

Did you pay?



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