54, partner, Fusion Analytics, New York

Interview by Arianne Cohen


What’s your fashion motto?

The saying that you have “one chance to make a great impression” is so true. I think that one needs to truly think about presenting themselves in a professional manner at all times.

What do you do?

I manage a portion of Fusion’s long-short managed accounts. We’re a fee-based advisory firm and currently have about $900 million of assets under management.

Do you like pocket squares?

Yes. I don’t wear a lot of jewelry, and it’s a form of jewelry. It pulls colors and looks together.

Where’d you get your pants?

They’re from Victor Custom Tailor in New York. He tends to put something together for my body type that is better than what I find off the rack.

Do you dress like other finance guys?

I dress a little differently from the majority of people in the office. I believe that light colors are something we’re all attracted to.


I’m a strong believer that colors bring out positive energy in meetings. Emotions are attached to colors — so you could go down the color spectrum, and each brings out particular reactions. Colors may help people relax or feel good about something.

What energy do you get from this shirt?

It’s salmon, and I get a restful, easy feeling when I wear it.

Tell me about your coat.

My wife picked the coat out as a gift from Victor’s.

Do you have any style advice?

No, I don’t. I think each individual has to feel comfortable in how they go about dressing.


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