46, chief financial officer of Primary Wave Music, New York

Interview by Arianne Cohen


What’s your look?

Tailored, but a little funky-eclectic. I’m a CFO, so I go to a lot of meetings with bankers. I think as long as you’re put together nicely, you don’t have to be very buttoned-up.

So you’re the money guy?

One of my mottoes is “Don’t confuse my abilities with my responsibilities.” Because I’m a CFO, sometimes people will just put me in a bucket. But I also have a creative side. I designed the offices.

What do you do all day?

Six of us came from the record label side to start a music publishing company. We own song-writers’ copyrights — Kurt Cobain, Steven Tyler, Hall & Oates. We’ve also expanded into artist management, branding, and digital marketing.

Do you dress differently for artists than for bankers?

If you’re trying to form a relationship with somebody, you want to be on their level. One of our artists, Juliet Simms, just came in and did a couple of songs. She’s very edgy, tattooed. If she meets the CFO and he’s all conservative, she might be, like, “Oh, hi, whatever.”

So what’d you wear?

I might’ve had purple jeans on.

Your shirt is custom. Where did you get it?

I had a friend who said he got custom-made shirts from a tailor who comes in from Thailand. So twice a year I get an e-mail saying, “Come to my hotel if you want new shirts.”

How much do they cost?

When I first started, they were $30. Now they’re around $75. I probably get a dozen a year.


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