31, creative director for MDB Family, Montebello, Calif.

Interview by Arianne Cohen


What do you do?

Our company makes baby and children’s furniture. My parents started the business.

What’s your office style?

I mix high and low pretty well, and I add in prints. I tend to go with black pants and a shirt and stay more quirky with jackets and blazers. I wear a lot of jewelry. I’m also part-owner of the business, so I have the luxury of dressing whatever way I want to.

What do you wear to important meetings?

The buyers at the stores we sell to — like Wal-Mart and Target — are mostly female, so for those meetings I can dress up more and they’ll get it. We also do a lot of media outreach. Magazine editors are more drawn to you if you’re on trend with fashion than if you’re a man in a suit selling cribs.

Are most of your meetings with men or women?

They’re male-dominated. Manufacturers mostly tend to be men. For those meetings, I tend to stick with black pants and a blazer, but I always play up my shoes — flats, but I’ll bring in color, like red flats, just to remain fashionable.

How do men respond?

“Nice shoes.” I get that a lot.

Do you prefer flats?

My office is connected to the warehouse, so it’s nice to go check on orders. And I feel like it’s less threatening in a meeting when wearing flats. Though today I’m in heels, because I’m meeting with my branding team, and they’re all girls.

How tall are you?

I’m a 5-foot-4-inch Asian person, so I think people look at me and assume I’m quiet like the Asian stereotype. I like to play to that first impression.

You’re not quiet at all.

No, I’m loud. When they ask me anything, I’m like slinging cribs, selling them a lot of cribs. I’m surprised at what comes out.


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