"Bloomberg Businessweek", April 1, 2013

The Bitcoin of the Realm
Straightening Out Cyprus • Gay Marriage And the Wisdom of Crowds
Why Abundant Oil Hasn’t Cut Gasoline Prices
Where Can the Saudis Build More Homes?
The Fed May Be Miscounting the Money
More Americans Work In the Shadow Economy
Tom Keene’s EconoChat
Seven Days
What Good Are Low Prices If the Shelves Are Empty
Iron Man Fights Crime. Can He Make Money?
L’Oréal Puts on A Happy Face in China
Murdoch Contemplates A Coverup
Student Borrowers Get a Break
Turning Pristine Public Lands Into Solar Farms
Rand Paul Is Looking Like Candidate Paul
New Jersey’s Bond-Trading First Lady
A U.S. Headlight Rule Stuck in the Dark Ages
China’s Journey From Imitator to Innovator
Amazon Studios Has 14 Pilots for You to Review
Wikipedia for Drone Builders
Innovator | Ramesh Kesanupalli
Charlie Rose talks to Nick D’Aloisio “My parents at first were a bit concerned. ... ‘You’re 13. You shouldn’t be keeping these hours’”
The Man Who Lost $25 Billion in One Year
The Merger Boom That Fizzled
Behold the Ghosts of Bubbles Past
Europe’s Carbon Market Is Crashing
Bid & Ask
Monitoring Pills To Reduce Bills
Beats a Spoonful of Sugar
Insurers Scream Rate Shock. Is It for Real?
A Chinese Implant Takes Aim at Cochlear
A Setback on the Road To a Parkinson’s Cure
Think Colossal
Working at Samsung Scale
Video Makes The Radio Star
All in a Day’s Work
Lose the Shoulder Strap
When Tiger Met Lindsey
Lululemon, Exposed
Michael Graves


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