"Bloomberg Businessweek", April 15, 2013

The Skeptic
Thatcherism, R.I.P.
Praise for Obama’s Budget • Tolerating North Korea
A Water Crisis Threatens Africa’s Growth Champion
Brazil’s Maids Finally Get Overtime
In Job Creation, Big Is Often Better
A Global Effort to Stop Designer Drugs
Seven Days
Can Penney Get Off The Down Escalator?
J.C. Penney share price
The World’s Cheapest Car Runs Out of Gas
The Future of Broadcast Television Is ... Cable?
These Orphans May Get Smaller Allowances
Cost Per Year for U.S. Patients With Rare Maladies
You Don’t Know Him. Your Accountant Will
The Democratic Plot To Take Texas
Demography Is Fate for Texas Republicans
Boutique ERs With No Waiting and Huge Bills
The Wheels on the Bus Go Brrrrrr
Can Foursquare Check-In to Adulthood?
Clog in the Pipes
LinkedIn’s Hidden Horsepower
India’s EBay Just Got Some Help — From EBay
Innovator | Sam Friedman
Meet the Bitcoin Millionaires
Politics Propels a Stock Market Rally in Japan
Cyber Attack? What Cyber Attack?
Amazon Investors Give Bezos Room to Run
Former Homeowners Get a Second Chance
Bid & Ask
Stocking the Shelves With a Green Solution
Go North, Young Techie
It Takes an Army — And Advisers
The Global Giving Marketplace
Small to Big | SureFlap
Run Your Company Like An Improv Group
Get on a Board
Get People to Listen
Walk Like a Zombie
Make a Vine Video
Look Like You Know What You’re Talking About
Modify Your Sleep Schedule for Maximum Efficienzzzzzz
Prepare for ARMAGEDDON in the office
Eat Crow
Hang Out With Uncontacted Tribes
Convert the Country To Natural Gas
Live Like An Artist
Negotiate With a Democratic President
Talk to a Dictator
Read A Financial Statement
Read Lips
Ask Donors For Money
Save Privacy
Take a Picture
Exercise In Four Minutes
Motivate Yourself
Live on Snacks
Ask Difficult Questions
Beat a Dead Horse
Make Complicated Things Simple (With Kittens)
Get Rich With Tattoos
Work From Your Man Cave
Follow Your Instincts
Drive a Supercar
Turn Your Office Into a Musical Paradise
ARGUE Like A Pundit
Resist Temptation
Overcome Fear
Own a Vineyard
Think Big
Create a Workplace People Never Want To Leave
Reinvent A Brand
Manipulate Creative People
Get Your Perk Into a Bill
Make a Salt Shaker Disappear
Break the Ice
Navigate the Internet at Work (NSFW)


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