Bring Your Work(place) Home

Everything you need to make your home office stylish and productive

By Arianne Cohen

Avoid eyestrain: Adjust lighting so it doesn’t create glare on your computer screen



Unlike office buildings, homes aren’t designed with bright, sharp lighting in mind. Take a cue from creatives who design their work spaces with adjustable overhead and side lighting, preventing shadows cast by a single light source. This cheery CB2 Carpenter Lamp clamps to any hard edge and shines a fully adjustable beam wherever you need it. $69.95;


Research proves it! Creative thinking improves with a relaxed body position. And chances are, your home office doubles as a guest room. This lush Alex Sleeper Sofa by Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams, which comes in a variety of sizes, colors, and upholsteries, will trick friends into thinking they’re staying in a dedicated visitor’s suite. Just beware of the strong lure of the midday nap. $1,800-$2,500;


Shelves keep you visually organized and motivated — especially important for those who work at home. The Tag Leaning Bookcase is an affordable way to create inviting bookshelves where there are none. And it’s enormous, providing 18 square feet of storage on shelves that get bigger as they go down. $418;


The Fujitsu Scansnap iX500 scans up to 50 pages at a time at 25 pages per minute, automatically corrects slanted documents, and recognizes English words so you can search for files later. (Find your IRS bill, say, by searching “IRS, 2013.”) And it uploads directly to programs such as Dropbox, Google Docs, and Evernote. $449;


Prices for adjustable-height desks are finally coming down from the $1,500-$4,000 stratosphere. The Height-Adjustable Desk by S2S moves from sitting to standing with the press of a button. Use the programmable LCD memory screen — it tells you the desk’s height, so you never need to guess — to store four desk heights. $919-$1,209;


Having a furry assistant is a major perk of telecommuting. When your pet starts howling during an important call, shoo her into the Sof-Krate Pet Home and massage her with your toes. Works every time. $89-$149;


Highly successful people share one common office item — an absolutely giant bulletin board. The pretty-on-the-eyes Brocade Magnet Board is great for hanging inspiration, data, and reminders. $29.99;


For the successful multitasker: The Sanus Swivel Column Clamp Mount, a 19-inch-monitor arm, lets you easily pull your monitor up to standing-desk height or lower it when you sit. Because you need to see your work wherever you are. $179.95;


Stroll freely through the day on the arms-free TreadDesk while you type and make calls. The idea isn’t to work up a sweat, but rather to saunter calmly. Staying mostly upright has been shown to starkly reduce cardiovascular disease, improve mood, increase energy, and banish that afternoon slump. $955;


Old-school pencils are still the best technology for brainstorming and scribbling. The Long Point Pencil Sharpener by Kum has two separate holes: one for removing the wood and one for shaving down the lead, to create a half-inch, smooth lead tip. It comes with extra blades. $5.33;


This stylish Capisco Chair by Håg keeps muscles-activated all day by naturally tipping your pelvis forward and placing weight on your legs. You can sit perching on the edge, leaning back, and even placing your chest against the back, third-grader style. Height adjusts from low-seat to standing. $830;


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