"Bloomberg Businessweek", August 13, 2012

Cliff Ahead. Speed Up
Faster, Knight Capital! Kill! Kill! • Does Anybody Here Have a Tax Plan?
What Is Your Central Banker Googling?
The Rental Generation Sees No Point in Buying
A Brewing Pension Crisis in China
A Tax Revolt in Japan, And a Bond Bubble Too
India’s Blackout Could Slow Green Progress
Tom Keene’s EconoChat
Seven Days
Charlie Rose talks to Jordan’s King Abdullah II “If Syria implodes, that would create problems that would take us decades to come back from.”
The People’s Republic of Discounting
GameStop, Without The Games
Campbell Looks Way Beyond the Tomato
Sanofi’s Shock Therapy Enrages the French
Ready, or Not, for Obamacare
Doing Business With the Frenemy
The Pentagon’s foreign suppliers
Locking Up Votes Long Before Election Day
A Tale of Two Speeches
The Facebook Freakout
The Wealth Manager For Brilliant Idiots
Hiring a Mercenary for The New Patent War
Innovator | Janne Haverinen
In Search of High-Definition Credit Scores
Where the Rich Retire
Playing Shuffleboard In the Rain
Move Over BRICs, Here Come the MISTs!
Emerging Markets Showdown
Japan’s Insider-Trading Carousel
Bid & Ask
The Interview Issue
Mitt Romney | Republican Presidential Candidate
Bain’s Dream Team
Alan Greenspan | Economist
Bubble Gazing
Kay Krill | CEO, Ann Inc.
Celebrity Face
Adeo Ressi | CEO, Founder Institute
Search Volume for “Entrepreneur”
Travis Kalanick | Co-founder and CEO, Uber
Dave Eggers | Novelist, publisher, Education nonprofit co-founder
A Star ...
... But Not on TV
Jeffrey Joerres | CEO, ManpowerGroup
Eight Market Gurus Fill in the Blanks
Brian Roberts | Chairman and CEO, Comcast
Eric Holder | U.S. Attorney General
Walking and Talking
Bob Iger | CEO, Disney
Disney’s Small World
Max Wolff | Design Director, Lincoln
Improving on Nature
Rahm Emanuel | Mayor of Chicago
The $7 Billion Plan
Ron Johnson | CEO, J.C. Penney
Walter Robb | Co-CEO, Whole Foods
Nouriel Roubini | Economist
The Private Sector
Ellen Kullman | CEO, DuPont
2011 DuPont Profits
Oral History | You Don’t Know Jack
Kazuo Hirai | CEO, Sony
Player No. 1
Hitting Stop
Paul Otellini | President and CEO, Intel
Intel’s Cost of Building Chip Plants
Arkady Volozh | CEO, Yandex
Russian Giant
Big Questions, Brief Replies


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