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Bloomberg Government is an Internet-based information service for professionals who need to understand the business impact of government actions so they can make smart, timely, and effective decisions. Bloomberg Government quantifies the impact of legislative action, regulatory decisions, and policy making on companies, industries, and markets with real-time context and perspective. With a combination of exclusive news, in-depth analysis, best-in-class data, and analytic tools, Bloomberg Government builds a bridge of understanding between government and business at a critical time. Its audience includes company executives, members of Congress, lobbyists, federal agency decision makers, government contractors, and small business owners. To learn more, visit us at bgov.com.


Matthew Winkler Editor-in-Chief, Susan Goldberg Executive Editor, Michael Riley Managing Editor, Ken Sands Head of Site Management Group, Kathleen Hayden and Mark Rohner Deputy Managing Editors, Robert Litan Head of Research, Norman Pearlstine and Kevin Sheekey Co-Chairmen, Bloomberg Government, Don Baptiste Head of Bloomberg Government, Josh Eastright Head of Sales

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Cristina Lindblad Issue Editor, Clark Hoyt Story Coordinator, David Ellis Editor-at-Large, Emily Keegin Photo Editor, Jennifer Daniel Graphics Director, Tracy Ma Art Director


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