"Bloomberg Businessweek", December 16, 2012

The Cliff Isn’t The Problem
Why Austerity in Britain Has Run Its Course • Hedge Funds and Mad Men Don’t Mix
Japan’s Fear of Risk Is Getting Dangerous
Tallying Europe’s Troubles
The Mississippi Ebbs, And Farmers Stock Up
They’re Divorcing. Sell! Sell! Sell!
Springtime for Hitler, In India
Tom Keene’s EconoChat
Seven Days
Lincoln Wants to Torch The Airport Limo
Pick Out a Shirt, Then Pass the Peas
MGM Makes Its Own Unexpected Journey
In Some Stores, All Eyes Are on You
Obamacare Isn’t Going Away. So Now What?
Not Spending Money Costs Money
Why Do the Pigs Cross the Road?
Time to Short Online Political Futures
Grover Norquist’s Influence Fades as Republicans Break Rank
Charlie Rose talks to Robert Gates “It would be a mistake on Bashar al-Assad’s part to underestimate” Obama
GE Tries to Make Its Machines Cool and Connected
What 1% Means to GE’s Customers Over 15 Years
Indonesians Still Love Their BlackBerrys
Smartphone Operating System Market Share in Indonesia
Innovator | Lothar Stitz
Blastin’ Aliens Since 1975
The Foreclosure Wave That Wasn’t
The Tale of a Trader Turned Spy
Hedge Funds’ Hail Mary: Bet on Tech
France’s Financial Crackdown Is Falling Flat
The Big Private Equity Sale to ... Private Equity
Bid & Ask
Tim Cook’s Freshman Year
Party Like It’s 2012!
A DJ’s Guide to Partying With Co-Workers
Office Party Behaviors
Poor Young Lawyers
Pretend Profits
Inside the Elephant Room
Talk It Out
Tolkien by The Numbers
The Lineup
Master Class
Business Book Haiku
Mary Schapiro


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