A DJ’s Guide to Partying With Co-Workers

Trends and tips from New York City DJ Scott Melker


1 Get out of your office

“Parties held in the office are 10 times more awkward. A highlight from a recent office party I DJ’ed was seeing a drunken employee spill an entire beer on his co-worker’s computer.”

2 Dress appropriately

“I once witnessed a girl dressed in full rave/club gear, complete with six-inch heels, a halter top, and fluorescent bra straps. Everyone else was in business casual attire. She was the talk of the party.”

3 Fight the urge

“Last year I witnessed a drunken intern attempting, both relentlessly and unsuccessfully, to grind on the female CEO of his multinational corporation. Needless to say, he failed miserably.”

4 Embrace the theme

“If they give you creative license, you should participate. This isn’t the time to be ‘too cool.’ If your boss is wearing an ugly sweater, you should be, too. Even though it’s super embarrassing.”

5 Get ready to dance

“No one is going to dance to Dean Martin’s rendition of Jingle Bells. It’ll be Ke$ha and Kanye. I did once see Tony Bennett perform Jingle Bells at a corporate event, which was awesome.”

6 Start cringing now

“You’d be surprised at who ends up on the dance floor. Younger people are often intimidated by their bosses, while the older employees are often the ones getting down to Sweet Caroline.”

7 But leave “Gangnam” moves home

“Being out of the office is no excuse to treat your superiors like you would your buddies at a Yankee game. Keep it professional, and you won’t have anything to regret the next morning.”


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