"Bloomberg Businessweek", December 17, 2012

What Machines Can’t Do
The EU Shouldn’t Stall a Banking Union • The U.S. Supremes: Dodging in the Name of Love
Manufacturing: A Rebound, Not a Renaissance
Italy: A Showdown Over Pollution and Jobs
In India, a Facebook and Free-Speech Debate
America’s Cars and Appliances Are Getting Old
Xi Jinping Acts Like He Runs the Place
Why the Doves Rule At Bernanke’s Fed
Seven Days
Libya Is Free. Send in the Cinnabons
Is the Party Over For Uggs?
Turbulence Hits Eastern Europe’s Carriers
Drug Developers Try a Makeover
This Christmas, a New Kind of Toy Story
Searching for the Next Big Republican Brain
Looking for a Cushy Job? Start a Super PAC
Idiots, Not Lunatics
Be an Ambassador — For Just $1 Million a Year
Simpson-Bowles-Dean: The Rebirth of Cool
It’s High Noon for Enterprise Tech
Console to Mobile: Game On, Dude
Seeing Steve Jobs Everywhere
Finding Job Candidates Who Aren’t Looking
Innovator | George Yu
Pushing Banks to Unwind Their Global Bets
The World’s Oldest Bank Faces the Future
Malaysia: The New Hot Spot for IPOs
China’s Ticking Debt Bomb
Bid & Ask
Charlie Rose talks to Robert Benmosche “To own 11,000 rail cars and lease them is not a business an insurance company should be in”
Walmart vs. Walmart
Labor Disputes, The Walmart Way
The $314,900,000 Losing Ticket
The Entrepreneurial Pursuit of Happiness
Pay Me to Tell You How To Live Life
Happy Feet
Temporary Insanity
Be a Temp Forever
The Year in Crisis PR
Carrie Mathison, Workplace Hero
VIP Reading Room
François-Henri Pinault


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