Sami’s costs per year

Gym membership $1,200

Coaching $500

Wet suit $240

Speed suit $150

Swimsuit $30

Goggles $40

Bike $1,000

The bike costs $5,000, but he rides it for around five years

Bike upgrades $1,000

Race wheels $625

Indoor trainer $100

Helmets $200

Tires $300

Tubes $150

Shoes $400

Socks $400

Buys “lots ...”

Shorts $20

Garmin GPS $63

Ironman entry fees $1,550

Tallies to 11 races per year

Other triathlon fees $450

Tallies to 11 races per year

Running event fees $375

Tallies to 11 races per year

Travel expenses $5,250

Gels $310

Training food $3,600

“If you train and burn 10,000 extra calories per week, that obviously adds to the grocery bill”

Metabolic testing $500

“Determines your VO2 max, functional threshold power, lactate threshold ...”


Which translates to:

A Hyundai Elantra

A year’s tuition and expenses at the State University of New York

Health insurance for a family of four


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