Dan Wagner

Chief Analytics Officer

Wagner and his team developed tools to analyze vast streams of data, including voter registration and online habits.

Teddy Goff

Digital Director

The 200-person team for social media and online ads reported to Goff. Messina dubbed him a “young genius.”

Dan Ryan

Director of Front-End Development

Ryan’s staff built Dashboard, the campaign’s online get-out-the-vote platform.

Joe Rospars

Chief Digital Strategist

The 2008 digital director, Rospars returned to advise the campaign on new ways to engage volunteers.

Dave Sebag

Director of Digital Products

Sebag came up with the campaign’s crucial Facebook sharing tool, which supporters used to persuade friends to vote.

Harper Reed

Chief Technology Officer

Reed built the infrastructure that undergirded the entire campaign, from the analytics database to the shop that sold Obama swag.

Amelia Showalter

Digital Analytics Director

It was Showalter’s job to customize fundraising e-mails, tweaking subject lines to make supporters want to open them.

Marie Ewald

Deputy Digital Director

Ewald helped the campaign bring in $690 million through online fundraising.

Kyle Rush

Web Developer

Rush managed the “one-click” donation program used by 1.5 million people. Some supporters gave $1,000 by text.


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