Master Class

We skimmed the book so you wouldn’t have to | Start at the End: How Companies Can Grow Bigger and Faster by Reversing Their Business Plan

by Dave Lavinsky (Wiley)

Write down your “grand mission” for your company on paper using as many “crystal-clear” details as possible. If you “envision a $40 million company,” says Lavinsky, “you’ll achieve more success than if you planned for a $5 million company.” p14

Be very clear with your employees about what you want because “95 percent” of the “typical workforce” doesn’t know its organization’s overall strategy. When hiring, check references. (You’ll be thankful.) p128

Don’t be afraid to upsell. If someone is willing to buy a $12 hammer, you could very well sell him a “$20 hammer that reduces the chance for injuries.” If he doesn’t want the $20 hammer, he’ll say so. p104

Devise systems so your business can run without you. “The single biggest problem in virtually any small business is you, the bottleneck,” he writes. “Your business should be “process dependent, not people dependent.” p59


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