"Bloomberg Businessweek", December 24, 2012

The Year of Living Provincially
Two Policies to Keep From the Cliff • The Lessons of ‘Captain Caos’
Euro Lite
When It Doesn’t Have To Be There Overnight
The New Silk Road
Iraq’s Oil Surge Could Threaten the Saudis
In Brazil’s Favelas, a Middle Class Arises
Looking Ahead to 2013
Charlie Rose talks to Kenneth Rogoff “People are going to pay more and get less. This is just the first stage of that”
She Works Hard For Less Money
Can Kiehl’s Remain in The Lap of Luxury?
In Japan, Diesel Cars Get a Second Chance
Amazon Eyes the Tiniest Tablet Market
Suing the Senate for Talking Bills to Death
Calculating a College Degree’s True Value
A Taste of Texas Justice For Pipeline Protesters
Every Rose Has Its Data Points
The Big Fight Over Tiny Gene Sequences
Pandora Is Boxed in by High Royalty Fees
Annual amount that Pandora pays in royalties
What It Takes for an Idea To Change Everything
The Ray Kurzweil Show, Now at the Googleplex
Innovator | Josh Mendelsohn
Taking Bets on the Las Vegas Housing Revival
Big Banks Rediscover Money Management
Done With China, A Trader Takes On Nuts
The People’s Republic Of Plastic
The Year in Deals
What Should I Do With My Money?
Before You Read The Rest Of This Issue ...
Nothing For Money
The Web Vs. Your Financial Planner
A Day in The Life Of a Wealth Manager
The Invisible Heir
What Really Happens When You Buy Shares
The Hedge Fund Hunger Games
Battling for $10 Million
How To Play 2013
The Jim Cramer Of China
He’s 28, and Here to Take Over Your Company
The Annals of Activism, 2012
The Growth of $1 in Meson Capital Partners
Long Shots
Jim Rogers on China: Keep the Faith
The Facebook Play That Worked
How ’bout Them Dodgers?
The Iowa Land Grab
The Case Against Apple
Auction Jackpots
One Man’s Austerity Is Another’s Capital Gain
The Best And Worst Of 2012
Golden Years


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