"Bloomberg Businessweek", December 9, 2012

Is This Big Fish Worth Catching?
The Greek Rescue Plan Is No Rescue at All • Egypt’s Uncertain Path to Democracy
A Legend Says: Step Away From the Blackboard
Pakistan, Land of Entrepreneurs
Dollar-less Iranians Discover ‘Currency’
The March of Robots Into Chinese Factories
The Automation Nations
Seven Days
The Curious Case of Samsung’s Missing TVs
Thursday Night Football Scores Big for the NFL
For Fracking, It’s Getting Easier Being Green
This Weed Is Totally Legal. It Is Also Totally Illegal
Just Call Geithner ‘Mr. Freeze’
Why Did Florida Fire Allen West?
Let’s Not Make a Deal
Hey. Read This
One Day Inside a Fundraising Machine
Why Hewlett-Packard’s Impulse Buy Didn’t Pay Off
Notable HP Acquisitions
Wartime Technology Aids Hurricane Relief
A Gambling Parlor On Your Smartphone
Innovator | Charles Huang
Mary Schapiro’s Unfinished Business
Still on the table
Domo Arigato, Retail Roboto
A Faustian Bargain for State Pension Plans
An Ultra-Deep Well, Stuck in the Mud
The Homeowner’s ATM Is Back in Business
Bid & Ask
Charlie Rose talks to Warren Buffett “The rest of the world may think we’re idiotic ... they don’t think we’re going to commit suicide”
Small Businesses See Red Over Daily Deals
Daily Deals: Indifferent to Unpopular
Black Friday’s Younger Cousin Grows Up
A New Grade Of Startup Fuel
Speeding Up the Discovery of Drugs
In Alabama, Lady Justice Has Fridays Off
The Cash-Only Doctors’ Club
Fewer Patients, Equal Pay
Where Cost Interferes with Care
Starting Over
The Drowned and the Saved
How Many CEOs Does It Take To Change A &$^#%! Light Bulb?
Business by the Bard
Alas, Poor Stakeholder
Talking Turkey
Can You Send Me That Picture?
Quit While You’re Ahead
A Field Guide to Paradoxes
All in the Family
The Lineup
Master Class
Business Book Haiku
Scott Wiener


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