Let’s Not Make a Deal

Kathleen Hunter


Republicans aren’t the only ones wary about hiking taxes on corporations and the wealthy. President Obama may lose support from Democratic senators up for reelection in 2014 in states Mitt Romney won. They have their reasons.

Jay Rockefeller

First elected by West Virginia voters in 1984, he’s never faced a serious challenger — until now. Republican Representative Shelley Moore Capito kicked off 2014’s contests by announcing on Nov. 26 that she’s running for his seat.

Max Baucus and Tim Johnson

Preserving income exemptions from estate tax is a priority for farmers and ranchers in Montana, which has more land tied up in agriculture than any state except Texas. In South Dakota, it’s the top industry.

Kay Hagan

A member of the Senate’s banking committee, the North Carolina lawmaker faces scrutiny from the tax-averse banking industry — including Bank of America, the largest company in her state.

Mark Pryor

He’s said he’s concerned about entitlement cuts in exchange for tax hikes. About 24 percent of Arkansas residents are on Medicaid; the U.S. government pays for 70 percent of the cost.

Mary Landrieu and Mark Begich

Slashing tax breaks for energy companies, an idea many Democrats endorse, wouldn’t go over well in Louisiana or Alaska; both get about 20 percent of their GDP from oil and gas businesses.


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