Master Class

We skimmed the book so you wouldn’t have to

The Savage Way: Successfully Navigating the Waves of Business and Life, by Frank Savage (Wiley)

Find an outlet for dealing with pressure. Consider sailing. “It is no accident that powerful businesspeople like Ted Turner, Barry Diller, and Larry Ellison love to sail,” Savage writes. “It’s the ultimate test.” p33

Don’t be self-conscious as the only African American in the room. “That’s going to prevent” you from “important” risk-taking, he writes. And “that lack of confidence you harbor is projected onto others. This is part negotiation strategy, part leadership strategy.” p49

Joining a board is the “reward for a career well done,” says Savage (who serves on Bloomberg LP’s, among others), but it can also “undermine all of the good work you may have done.” Case in point: Savage joined Enron in 1999. p67

When passing the torch, don’t go for people “to replicate” you. Instead, look “for individuals with unique talents and skills that [you] can lead and motivate to mesh.” p254


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