Mad Ave Anonymous

Ad execs are a uniquely self-loathing set, and thanks to, they can now gripe without being named. Here’s one week’s sample of their darkest secrets


The worst part about the Super Bowl is coming to work the next day and hearing the people who never produced anything good trash the ads

That super-expensive toothpaste we did a spot for — the one that protects enamel from acid?

A cheap glass of milk does the same thing

When my highest-paid computer graphics artist took her third “surprise pregnancy” extended maternity leave in four years, I stopped hiring any woman under 35

I’m skipping a big meeting to live-tweet the 30 Rock finale

I took home a magic mouse and sold it on EBay. Then I got a new one from IT and did it again

I turned down a job once because it seemed like I’d have to get there on time in the morning

If one more person mentions Don Draper in a meeting, I’m going to stab him in the throat

We’ve hired temps to sit in empty cubes whenever clients come in

I would never hire a fat person

I hide vintage pornography from the ’20s, ’30s, and ’40s deep within the layer groups of my Photoshop files

We were told to cut $400k from our budget ...

... and blew $200k just talking about it

I wear headphones all day long whether I am listening to music or not simply to dissuade people from asking me anything about anything

I convinced a junior account person that the more files you put on your laptop, the heavier it gets


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