China’s Nuclear Muscle

In 2008, China’s share of the world’s nuclear capacity was only 3 percent. By 2035, projections show its share will reach 19 percent.

Reactors under construction worldwide

Export Power

Thanks to its reactors, France is Europe’s top electricity exporter.

Seeking Foreign Sales

Russia’s state-owned Rosatom aggressively pursues foreign business, selling low-cost reactors as it continues to build capacity at home.

29 Nuclear Reactors

China has ambitions to be the world’s biggest builder and exporter of nuclear reactors and nuclear technology.

Portion of nation’s electricity from nuclear sources

U.S. 19%

U.A.E. 0%

France 75%

Finland 33%

Brazil 3%

Argentina 5%

Ukraine 46%

Slovakia 54%

Pakistan 4%

Japan 18%

Korea 35%

India 4%

Russia 18%

China 2%


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