An Orange’s Journey


Hundreds of growers, mostly in Florida and Brazil, raise fruit to specs set by Coca-Cola and partner Cutrale

Satellite imaging of Brazilian groves ensures fruit is picked at the optimal time for Coke’s bottling plans

Coke’s Black Book algorithms control everything from acidity levels to pulp content

After processing and pasteurization, juice is stored in 2 million-gallon tanks for up to eight months

As needed, juice is piped 1.2 miles to a bottling plant. Fiber-optic links allow 24/7 control

Blend technicians mix juice from different batches selected by Black Book to assure uniform taste

Finished juice is bottled and shipped to stores. Unused peel, core, and oils head to industrial processors

During peak harvesting season, the entire process — from grove to glass — can take as little as 24 hours


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