Master Class

We skimmed the book so you wouldn’t have to

Work Like a Spy: Business Tips From a Former CIA Officer, by J.C. Carleson (Portfolio) $25.95

Applicants in job interviews can subtly glean helpful information using the clandestine tactic of “strategic elicitation.” At the beginning of the meeting, Carleson says, ask the interviewer what they’re proud of in themselves. The answer will tell you “what [qualities] they want to hear” in you. p27

Don’t be afraid to take a lesson from the CIA’s dark side: Use “offensive recruiting.” Identify which of your competitors has “the deepest bench of talent” and “cherry-pick the best employees.” p88

As a manager, “make room for lone wolves” in your organization. “Some people thrive on team participation. Other people just want to do their jobs well and to be left alone to do what they were hired for.” p97

Never negotiate. “Put together an offer that is so attractive that demurral would be foolish,” Carleson writes. “And avoid the back-and-forth antics and posturing associated with formal negotiations by beginning and ending with the only offer you plan to make.” p156


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