Master Class

We skimmed the book so you wouldn’t have to

Branding Pays: The Five-Step System to Reinvent Your Personal Brand, by Karen Kang (BrandingPays Media) $24.95

Develop an “elevator pitch.” Just “be yourself and use your own words that sound natural,” writes Kang. “If someone asks you about yourself, say a few sentences [and] then ask the person about him or herself. Find opportunities in the give-and-take to weave in your key messages.” p68

Associate yourself with other brands. “Finding a celebrity, retail store, or car brand that personifies your brand can help you be clear about your ... type,” she writes. “If a luxury hotel is your brand metaphor, the highest-quality service is key to what you are about.” p86

Put care into your appearance. “We cannot all be tall, thin, and beautiful,” she writes. “However, we can present an attractive image no matter what.” Stand up straight; be positive and kind. And “good grooming is essential for making a positive impression.” p149

Consolidate your profile pics. “In social media, your avatar is synonymous with your brand,” she writes. “Use the same avatar across all social media platforms. If you use several different avatars, you’re diluting the branding effect. Pick one photo that represents you and use it consistently.” p168


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