Kingdom on Earth

A sampling of the Mormon Church’s multibillion-dollar enterprises



Brigham Young University (BYU)–Provo



LDS Business College

Beneficial Life Insurance Company

In 2010 this company had $3.3 billion worth of assets and net income of $17 million, according to the State of Utah Insurance Department.

Utah Property Management Associates

A for-profit property management enterprise, formerly called Zion Securities, it maintains commercial, residential, and parking facilities.

Deseret Trust

This tax-exempt charitable organization performs “asset management and fiduciary accountability functions with respect to certain gifts” to BYU and the LDS Church.

Polynesian Cultural Center

A 42-acre Polynesian “living museum” that features daily luaus (except on Sunday), an “island buffet,” and seven simulated Polynesian villages. Tickets cost from $39.95 to $228.95. According to a 2010 tax filing, the tourist destination has net assets worth $70 million.

Intellectual Reserve

A nonprofit organization that manages the church’s intellectual property, including copyrights and trademarks. (Trademarks include “The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints,” and “Book of Mormon.”) A 2010 Deseret News article says, “In what he considered a revelation from God, Joseph Smith was commanded to ‘be diligent in securing the copyright of my work upon all the face of the earth of which is known by you. ... That the faithful and the righteous may retain the temporal blessing, as well as the spiritual.’”

Ensign Peak Advisors

An investment fund which employs managers specializing in international equities, cash management, fixed income, quantitative investment, and emerging markets, according to profiles on LinkedIn. One of Ensign Peak’s vice presidents in 2006 told the Deseret News that “billions of dollars change hands every day.”


In 1997, Time reporters estimated that the Mormon Church owns $6 billion in stocks and bonds.

Hawaii Reserve

Owning or managing 7,000 acres on Oahu, it maintains commercial and residential properties, water and sewage infrastructure, and two cemeteries.

Suburban Land Reserve

A for-profit real estate development business.

Temple Square Hospitality

A Salt Lake City hospitality business.

Bonneville International

Owns and operates 11 radio stations. The company last year sold 17 other radio stations for $505 million.

Owns and operates NBC affiliate KSL 5 Television in Salt Lake City.

Owns and operates Bonneville Communications, Bonneville Distribution, and Bonneville Satellite.












North Carolina


City Creek Reserve

This private real estate company, according to the LinkedIn profile of one employee, has a “multibillion-dollar budget.”

City Creek Center

This multibillion-dollar development in downtown Salt Lake City includes a mall, condos, and more.

Deseret Ranches


A 290,000-acre ranch keeps 44,000 cows and 1,300 bulls.


1,700 acres of oranges, tangerines, and tangelos.


Land leased for sod production.


Timber resources include pine, cypress, and palm.


Contractors excavate fossilized seashells used in road construction.

Sooner Cattle Co.

This Oklahoma enterprise has estimated annual sales of $760,000.

Deseret Land and Livestock

Utah and Wyoming: The operation has at least 4,500 cows and 4,000 yearlings.


Has 161 subsidiaries and estimated annual sales of $68 million.

The company’s headquarters are in Washington State.



The property took in an estimated $276 million in sales in 2008.




One farm grows soybeans, oranges, and corn, and keeps 6,000 head of cattle, according to a former employee’s LinkedIn profile.



Deseret News Publishing Co.

The Deseret News, established in 1850, publishes news and commentary.

Deseret Digital Media

Runs,, and

Deseret Book Co.

Deseret and Seagull Bookstores

Operate 64 bookstores throughout the western U.S.

Time Out for Women

Sponsors women’s conferences, as well as other events.

Shadow Mountain Records

This label produces and distributes music, including recordings of the world-famous Mormon Tabernacle Choir.

Deseret Book Publishing

Publishes under two imprints: Deseret Book, for LDS-focused books, and Shadow Mountain, for values-based books.

Zion Mercantile

Sells home décor and religious art products.

Excel Entertainment

Distributes and markets DVDs.

LDS Living Magazine

This print and online lifestyle magazine focuses on members of the LDS Church.

Covenant Communications

Deseret Book acquired this rival publishing house in 2006.


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