All selections must be made before the release of the first dove of the opening ceremonies. Draft order determined by random selection.


Participants are each required to draft:

3 track & field athletes

2 gymnasts

1 swimmer, 1 diver

1 beach volleyball team

1 country with a population under 20 million (final medal count)

Points System:

Gold medals (5 points)

Silver medals (3)

Bronze medals (1)

Selected to carry country’s flag in Opening Ceremonies (5)

Featured in a biographical segment (3)

Featured in a tear-jerking biographical segment (10)

Interviewed by Mary Carillo (2)

Interviewed by Bob Costas (5)

Interviewed by Pat O’Brien (-4)

Compared to Mark Spitz (1)

Compared to Ben Johnson (-1)

Drapes a flag across shoulders (3)

False starts (-1)

Falls (-2)

Disqualifications (-5)

Doping accusations (-5)

Doping conviction (-10)

Russian judging: scandal improves score (-4)

The participant who has accumulated the most points is awarded the gold.


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