Desktop Garden

A touch of nature for your lifeless cubicle.

By Spencer Bailey

The mini bio-dome is available in three shapes: rhombus pictured), icosidode, and dodecahedron. (Toy car not included.) | The Score + Solder Geodesic planter is 11 x 8 x 8 inches — about the size of a standard-issue volleyball


The Want: A visually striking and manageably sized terrarium to house one’s own private biosphere — because tending to plants offers a healthy, Zen-like diversion and welcome relief from the computer’s glare. To quote Candide, “We must cultivate our garden.” Even at our desks.

The Get: The Score + Solder Geodesic planters are meticulously handcrafted by designer Matthew Cleland on Pender Island, located about 45 miles southwest of Vancouver (also the provenance of the accompanying seeds and soil). Each Buckminster Fuller–style unit is made with glass and a lead-free fusible metal alloy, or solder. Central to the nofuss product’s mantra: simplicity. This shtick-free, office-friendly greenhouse is a tranquil addition to any crazed workspace. $170,


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