Kelley Moore, the author of Cube Chic, on ways to personalize a workspace


Throw Down

“Bring in a really great throw rug,” says Moore, who recommends FLOR’s modular carpet squares. “It’s a great way to add color and texture and really warm up your cubicle.”

Lighten Up

“Take a lamp from home and put a natural bulb in it,” she says. “It’ll protect you from seasonal-affective disorder in the office.”

Bubble Over

Consider a desktop waterfall or fountain. “What’s cool is that they drown out sound,” Moore says. “People are usually right next to you, so a fountain can provide a distraction.”

Escape Out

“If you want to be in Paris, get a photo of Paris and put that behind [moldings],” she says. “It’ll look like a window in your cubicle.”


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