Politicians Are All for Partying (As Long as It’s Their Party)

Brian Faler


Members of Congress have been lambasting the General Services Administration for its $823,000 blowout in Las Vegas in 2010. Yet that’s a fraction of the taxpayer dollars that will be spent on the Democratic and Republican conventions in Tampa and Charlotte, where nothing is at stake.



Money set aside by Congress

Security doesn’t come cheap. These federal funds will be used for fences to create perimeters, metal detectors, surveillance cameras, and more.


If you answered yes to “Do you want $3 of your federal tax to go to the Presidential Election Campaign Fund?” on your tax return, you’re helping to foot this bill through a program meant to reduce the influence of deep-pocketed donors.

Pack a stadium with thousands of political junkies, and there’s no such thing as too many balloons or too much booze. Taxpayers also pick up the tab for flowers, flags, hats, and all manner of trinkets.


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