If Not China, Where?

Americans tend to stay in America. But for the young, untethered, and adventurous, here are five countries to consider when looking for work.



Why: Last year, Brazil became the world’s sixth-largest economy. And according to a 2011 study by Manpower Group, 64 percent of employers there find vacancies hard to fill. Plus it may soon ease visa requirements. Jobs: bankers, executives, hedge fund managers, lawyers, and engineers


Why: Outsourcing has led to a burgeoning tech industry, which has in turn created pockets of economic opportunity. The number of Americans moving is still small, so be first among your friends! Jobs: tech, mostly. But there are also positions at English-language newspapers and schools


Why: The Chinese demand for ore spurred a mining boom in Australia. Because of its isolation, the country has an inflexible supply of workers, which means that outsiders are needed. The cost of living has been rising, but still beats the U.S. Jobs: mining


Why: With a healthy economy, no language barrier, lower corporate tax rates, and free health care, Canada is drawing more Americans than before (though still far fewer than during the draft-dodging heyday of the 1970s). Jobs: whatever you’re currently doing


Why: ExxonMobil’s newly expanded access to the country’s offshore Arctic oil fields will likely lead to American-Russian business ventures. Although you have to be willing to live in Putin’s Russia — where the government controls nearly half of all oil output. Jobs: oil


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