Seven Days

Events of note in the week ahead

by Evan Applegate



Germany trade balance, France industrial production

Commonwealth Day

Second anniversary of Japanese tsunami: Fukushima residents plan to file suit to recover damages from nuclear plant operator Tokyo Electric Power.


South Korea unemployment

Free agency period begins in the National Football League

Regulatory Information Conference: Nuclear industry representatives discuss safety with Nuclear Regulatory Commission officials in Maryland.


France CPI, U.S. retail sales

World Floral Expo 2013 in New York City

Organizing for Action summit: Lobbying group formed to support Obama’s policies meets with big donors.


U.S. current account, Canada home prices

CPAC: Mitt Romney, Eric Cantor, and others address the annual Conservative Political Action Conference.


Turkey unemployment, U.S. consumer confidence

Italy’s legislative deadlock: Parliament convenes without a governing coalition. If one isn’t formed, new elections will be held this summer.


Jeddah Economic Forum in Saudi Arabia

Zimbabwe referendum: Voters decide whether to approve a new constitution in advance of July elections.


China property prices

St. Patrick’s Day

Selection Sunday: Sixty-eight teams are chosen and brackets are set for the NCAA men’s basketball championship tournament.

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