Master Class

We skimmed the book so you wouldn’t have to

Tipping Sacred Cows: Kick the Bad Work Habits that Masquerade as Virtues by Jake Breeden (Wiley), $25.95

Preparation, while mostly a virtue, “can backfire by causing you to fall in love with your work to the point that you defend what you should change,” Breeden writes. “Sometimes, preparation is an excuse not to take action.” p21

Let “underperforming” colleagues sink or swim. “Allowing someone to fail helps them get better,” he writes. “Stepping in for the good of the team blocks growth and reinforces bad behavior.” p67

Comparing your progress with your colleagues’ isn’t wise. “If you feel treated unfairly at work, you may be tempted to rationalize unethical decisions,” he writes. “Fairness” can become “an excuse to cheat.” p137

Many executives embrace the role of “cheerleader-in-chief.” Passion can be “exhausting,” though, ending in “burn out.” “Sometimes leaders are better leading silently from the back of the room.” p152


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