The Killer in You

Step-by-step instructions to the signature moves of four of Billy Corgan’s stable of wrestlers.


Running Powerslam (Harry Smith)

1 Lift your opponent over one shoulder by the waist face down with his legs behind you.

2 Walk backwards to a corner of the ring.

3 Run forward, leap, and flip your opponent onto the mat on his backside.

Camel Clutch (The Almighty Sheik)

1 Straddle your opponent face down on the mat.

2 Lift him by the armpits and brace them with your knees.

3 Lock your hands around his chin and pull.

Cruise Control (Melanie Cruise)

1 Lift your opponent by the waist facing you.

2 Arch your back and throw her onto the mat.

3 Stand over her looking mean.

Guitar Smash (Billy Corgan)

1 Bring an acoustic guitar into the ring.

2 Raise it above your head by the neck.

3 Smash it over your opponent’s head.


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