Zuck’s social graph



Joe Green

Harvard suitemate; entrepreneur

Ron Conway

Angel investor who arranged early meetings with venture capitalists

Warren Buffett

Recently talked for hours with Zuck about how best to handle the IPO

David Ebersman

Led Zuckerberg through a tightly managed IPO process

Barack Obama

During a town hall at Facebook, Obama joked that he’s one of the few people who can get Zuck to wear a jacket and tie

Reed Hastings

Netflix chief

Cory Booker

Mayor of Newark, N.J.; persuaded Zuck to donate $100 million for local schools

Chris Hughes

Facebook co-founder; now owns New Republic

Erskine Bowles

President emeritus of University of North Carolina; adviser in Clinton administration

Yuri Milner

CEO of Digital Sky Technologies


Jim Breyer

Venture capitalist at Accel Partners

Theodore Ullyot

Facebook general counsel

Steve Ballmer

Microsoft CEO and Zuck mentor

Andrew McCollum

Designed original Facebook logo

Steve Jobs

Advised Zuck to focus on a few products, not attempt too many

Andrew Bosworth

Facebook engineering director

Dave Morin

Ex-Facebooker, co-founder of Path

Randi Zuckerberg


Mike Schroepfer

Facebook VP of engineering

Mark Pincus

Zuck says he learned about the importance of long-term focus from the Zynga CEO

Adam D’Angelo

Ex-Facebook engineer, co-founder of Quora


Sean Parker

Inspired Zuck to retain complete control of the company through an unusual governance structure

Donald Graham

Washington Post chairman; advised keeping a distance from money-grubbing VCs

Chris Cox

Facebook VP of product

Dustin Moskovitz

Facebook co-founder; argued against selling the company to Yahoo! and others

Bill Gates

Regularly meets with Zuckerberg and gives advice on philanthropy and management

Sam Lessin

Harvard classmate, now a Facebook exec

Matt Cohler

Early Facebook employee, now at Benchmark Capital

Sheryl Sandberg

After Zuck poached Sandberg from Google, Facebook’s COO persuaded him to make ads a bigger part of the business

Reid Hoffman

LinkedIn co-founder

Peter Thiel

PayPal co-founder and early Facebook investor

Priscilla Chan

Girlfriend since Harvard

Marc Andreessen

Co-founder of VC firm Andreessen Horowitz

Bret Taylor

Facebook CTO


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