You’ve Got Spam

In Spam’s 75 years, Hormel has sold more than 7 billion cans of the lunchmeat. Here are some of the ads that helped — and a few that didn’t


Trumpeting Spam’s return to the homefront after World War II, the “Spam Is Back!” ad features hungry fans — almost all women, with one male soldier — making a run on the grocery shelves.


With this ad, Spam makes a case for being “today’s biggest bargain breakfast meat.” The unappetizing tag line — “You’ll Like the Good Hormel Ham in Spam” — amounts to there’s real stuff in our fake stuff!


Hormel chooses to emphasize Spam’s affordability over quality. A dollar’s worth of “SPAMwiches” rises higher than bologna sandwiches, so “Spam makes your meat dollar go further.”


The Spam menu expands with a smoke-flavored version sold in a flashy, red-and-black can. Once again, Hormel thought it more alluring to show Spam alongside other foods, in this case fried eggs.


The most surprising element in this ad can be found in the small type: “,” defying (or perhaps willfully ignoring) what spam was starting to mean online.


The 75th anniversary of Spam is marked by the introduction of its first spokes-character, Sir Can-A-Lot (bottom left), a nod to Monty Python. Spam has shown consecutive years of strong growth since 2007.


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