Athenians | “We can all go to hell together”

Nick Malkoutzis


Ellie Nikolaidou, 65, retired teacher “I see chaos ahead because nobody here or in Europe knows how to solve the crisis. It would take Greece years to recover from a return to the drachma. We would need a plan to leave the euro and we never have a plan for anything. I want a party that will put the politicians that led us to this point on trial.”

Giorgos Prasinoudis, 62, motorcycle mechanic “I would put 90 percent of the blame for the crisis on the Greek people. I think Greece needs a fascist ruler to instill discipline and organization.”

Nikos Antoniadis, 50, lawyer Greece “is in a terrible state. It has to do with our culture and our failure to prepare for when times get tough.”

Eirene Efstathiou, 32, artist and art teacher “I’ve calculated that I’ve lost 97 percent of my income. Everybody’s life will be better if we have a left-wing government. I don’t fear a return to the drachma.”

Nikos Koutsolambros, 58, civil servant “The crisis has killed us. I used to earn close to €1,800 per month, but my wage has been cut to about €700. In the meantime, the bills keep on coming and we’re being forced to sell any assets we have to survive. I don’t care at all about the elections. We can all go to hell together.”


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