CEO-to-Worker Pay Ratio

05 Starbucks “Our baristas receive a comprehensive benefits package, including health coverage and company stock for eligible partners, that can be worth up to three times that offered by other retail companies.”

11 Chipotle “The market data you are reviewing is not indicative of the compensation of many of our restaurant managers; top performers are eligible to receive awards of stock appreciation rights with the same terms granted to executives.”

13 Target “We place a priority on providing comprehensive pay and benefits for all of our team members that often exceed the external market.”

16 Honeywell “Mr. Cote’s 2012 compensation includes a large, one-time change in pension, the result of his 2012 bonus replacing a ‘zero bonus’ for 2009 in the final three-year average pay pension calculation, and a decline in the discount rate required to calculate yearend pension values. Excluding the pension change, the ratio of Mr. Cote’s annual compensation to the industry average compensation as calculated by Bloomberg would be significantly lower.”

29 Wynn “Wynn is known for paying more than any other casino in Las Vegas.”

31 Medtronic “Mr. Ishrak was awarded certain sign-on and make-whole cash and equity compensation to replace part of the value of unvested compensation and benefits he forfeited when he left his prior employer for Medtronic. His total compensation excluding sign-on and make-whole awards is $7,219,732.”

48 Eaton “As part of its November 2012 acquisition of Cooper Industries, Eaton is now domiciled in Ireland, and the company paid excise taxes and gross-ups related to the transaction for named executives. Without those payments, which brought no financial gain to the executives, Mr. Cutler’s total compensation would have decreased 34 percent from the prior year.”

65 Mattel “Mr. Eckert retired on Dec. 31, 2011. A change in pension value of over $7 million was due to his retirement and was not part of a typical compensation package.”


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