"Bloomberg Businessweek", October 29, 2012

Strangling Solar
The Hidden Dangers of Drug Shortages • America’s Real Immigration Crisis
The U.S. Economy’s Personality Disorder
Scaring India To Save It
Egypt Is Haunted by Mubarak-Era Deals
It’s Slogan Time in China
Made in France Can Be A Tough Sell in France
Tom Keene’s EconoChat
Seven Days
The Boardroom’s Still the Boys’ Room
Indian Companies Seek A Passage to America
Digital Dreams, Elusive Profits
Rise of The iMowbot
There’s Nothing Foreign About Foreign Policy
Suing for the Right To Round Up Illegals
Don’t Mess With The Mungers
Crime Pays — for Phone Companies
The Cheerful Billionaire Who’s Out to Get Obama
Microsoft Sees a New Image Of Itself in Windows 8
Product Shot
A Site Like Twitter, Only You Get to Pay for It
Reading Electronically — And Vertically
Innovator | Julie Corbett
American Express Wants To Be Your Banker
The Man Who Might Be Buffett
Junk Bonds and U.S. Stocks Are Tops
A Debt-Fueled Buyout Gone Ghastly Wrong
Bid & Ask
Charlie Rose talks to Jeremy Grantham “These capitalists who are desperate to elect Republicans should study their history books”
Menswear E-Tailers Peddle Salvation in a Box
Extracurricular Profit
Matchmaking for Businesses and Banks
Leaving The Valley
Elder Care, A Click Away
The Plot to Destroy America’s Beer
99 Facts About Beer On the Wall...
Why Do Office Bathrooms Stink?
Toilet Humor
Game of Thrones
My Life As An Efficiency Squirrel
The Bank That Broke His Heart
Capital and Punishment
Adrian Chen


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