Toilet Humor

Classic small-screen moments set in workplace lavatories.

By Megan Angelo



Season 1, Episode 14: “My Drug Buddy”

The one place crotchety Dr. Cox couldn’t escape his underlings? The urinal. He realizes the only thing worse than being synced up with a co-worker is being synced up with one who calls it out midstream. As Turk put it: “This is so freaky, you know? We’re on the same pee schedule.”


Season 2, Episode 12: “The Revenge”

The undisputed king of Manhattan bathroom fanaticism, George Costanza naturally quit his job in a spastic fury when his boss banned him from the private executive bathroom. The indignity of sharing a men’s room with Pace Electronics! “It’s disgusting!” George ranted.

The Sopranos

Season 6, Episode 3: “Mayham”

The Sopranos’ Silvio, Tony’s trusted deputy and boaster of the best frown in New Jersey, was nothing if not efficient — as evidenced by his calm ability to take care of business while, uh, taking care of business. Hey, why not? It’s safer for a mobster than basically any place with windows.

Parks and Recreation

Season 5, Episode 3: “How a Bill Becomes a Law”

Leslie Knope knew she’d made it when she scored a city council office with a private toilet. But it quickly became the focus of a bureaucratic tussle, and another council member’s proposal of “take my liquids here, take my solids down the hall” was not her idea of compromise.

Ally McBeal

Season 4, Episode 19: “In Search of Barry White”

Unisex restrooms were a huge part of the New Age office culture on Ally McBeal. And though Barry White presumably meant his music for the bedroom, the lawyers’ expert choreography in this scene made You’re the First, the Last, My Everything an instant bathroom classic.


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